21 de julio de 2012


During the late 60s , an O,Neill´s Surf Shop glasser named Tracy Nelson began making fiberglass molds for motorcycle tanks as a sideline. This was during a time when the Hell´s Angels were at their peak,and on a Saturday night there would be dozens of Harley Choppers lined up along Beach Street , in front of the Boardwalk. This was a time when the dirt bike world was a united Nations of CZ, Montesa, Husqvarna, Puch, Bultaco and other exotic labels from al over the world. This was a time when guys would field-strip Honda 750s and take them mountain-climbing at Hollister Hills Motorcycle Park. They were primitive motorcycle times compared to now, but the motorcycle market was Heavy Metal, primed for some Fantastic Plastic....

(Photo: Ben Wilson Design / Information: Surf, Skate & Rock Art of Jim Phillips book)

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