22 de febrero de 2012

Full handcrafted custom by MHC Crew , Marseille (FR)

Well, well,well... my friends Yann and Roman are going to launch their own workshop in Marseille (FR).

These guys are great builders  ... and of course crazy Zombie Runners as well. I whish them the best for their upcoming business.

Don´t waste your time with other shit , this is not another aftermarket crappy custom style. Check out their "magnifique" creations and their obviousness passion @ 


Barcelona Roller Girls are go!!

The girls from Bcn won´t have any compassion.... Don´t miss the Primer Bout, Bcn



19 de febrero de 2012

Hangover @ 5ºC

Great weekend. Old friends, get fit, freak night with a handmade LMFAO costume , more friends and a good hangover the day after on the "FL" with Mr.Crizy. We rode along the countryside and had chance to enjoy a very good tasty and light food for my hangover.

5ºC , some snow and a 1200m mountain high  is enough to guess who is who and where´s your own place. Grateful to my destiny.

Here´s some shots from this weekend.